Cloud-based OTM Parcel Rating

OTMRateCloud is a multi-tenant cloud application specifically designed and developed to be a rating engine for OTM. Traditionally, OTM does not have native functionality for parcel rating. It relies on third party plugins to do that.

Skipjack Supply Chain has developed a product that simplifies that by providing a user interface and specific integration points that are specific to OTM. OTMRateCloud is a simple web-based GUI where users can sign up, plug in (using native OTM integration), and get rates and time-in-transit information.
Product Features
  • RaaS (Rating as a Service)
  • Rate Shopping / Time in Transit
  • Configured to meet your needs with an easy-to-use web-based GUI
  • Input account and credential information and select the carriers they use
  • Create aliases for carriers and/or their services
  • Subdomains support multiple areas such as development, test, and production


A multi-tenant cloud application that is specifically designed and developed to be a parcel rating engine for OTM.